Healthy Churches Network

Healthy Churches Network exists to assist churches in becoming healthier through coaching, written resources, and seminars. The vision is to bring leaders together in a network in order to learn from one another and to make a greater impact on their communities.

Christian Coaching

Whether you call it Christian Coaching or Spiritual Life Coaching or simply Life Coaching, coaching focuses on walking alongside of an individual as he/she lives out a relationship with God.

About Dean Trune

Dean Trune is the Director of HCN and is a certified life coach. He coaches Christian leaders and leadership teams around the country helping them focus on intimacy with Jesus and to follow His lead.

HCN Resources & Media

We have numerous helpful resources, including books, CDs, downloadable files, surveys, webinars, seminars, newsletters and other media. Click below to see our complete list of resources.

Heal Our Nation

Join us as we band together to pray for God to heal our nation. In various places in the Bible, it speaks of God healing a nation. Our prayer guide focuses on a different area of our nation each day.